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Young adults entering Elm Tree’s 90-day recovery program embark on a multi-step journey toward sobriety. In community with others, they learn about addiction, unmask their inner stories, acquire life-changing skills, and discover the joy of sobriety. Before these healing steps begin, though, they must cleanse their bodies from toxic, addictive substances.

The process of withdrawal from drugs and alcohol is called detoxification, and the form it takes varies from person to person based on the type and severity of the addiction. When medically supported detoxification is not indicated, Elm Tree Recovery’s social model of detoxification provides an affordable and highly successful alternative.

Medication-Free Detox at Elm Tree Recovery

Before admitting a young man or woman to the Elm Tree Recovery program, our experienced admissions team determines if social model detox is an appropriate treatment. Our greatest concern is the safety and well-being of the young adults entrusted to our care. Elm Tree’s licensed addiction specialists carefully monitor detox: providing therapy, coaching and counseling throughout the process. Once harmful substances have left a client’s body, treatment continues and builds upon the progress already made.

Advantages of Social Model Detox for Young Adults

Social model detox has shown lasting results for many young adults, and the approach offers a variety of benefits:

  • Young adults are more comfortable in the residential setting.
  • Clients learn coping mechanisms that help them manage withdrawal symptoms and fend off relapse temptations.
  • Therapies and support continue seamlessly once detox is complete.
  • The entire detoxification process is accomplished without the administration of medication, empowering young adults to approach recovery problems without returning to drug use.

Integrating Learning into Every Treatment Phase

The education that begins during Elm Tree Recovery’s social model detox continues throughout the recovery process. Young adults in our program form strong support networks, grow in confidence and physical well-being, and internalize coping strategies for the challenges of long-term abstinence and recovery. As a bonus, Elm Tree clients have the opportunity to continue an interrupted education or embark on a new vocational calling during our academic integration program.

Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow

There’s no time like today to begin rewriting your story. Explore the Elm Tree Recovery approach or discuss admission and insurance verification by calling 800.356.7497.

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