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Addiction to drugs and alcohol can start early and take over a young person’s life. The teens and young adults who come to Elm Tree Recovery for rehab treatment are battling a lifelong illness that only a multifaceted and individualized treatment approach can help conquer. For some, the initial 90-day rehab is only a beginning, and achieving sustained abstinence requires the additional structure and clinical support available with Elm Tree’s long-term treatment.

Who Benefits From Long-Term Treatment?

Residential treatment that lasts 120 to 180 days or longer immerses clients in a lifestyle change that takes them away from the isolation, fear and despair of drug addiction. Instead, they discover a life of personal understanding, empowerment and authentic support. At Elm Tree, we work to make this change a permanent one so the time spent at our Arizona rehab facility is the last rehab our clients will ever need. Long-term treatment might benefit anyone, but it is especially indicated for:

  • Young adults who have severe co-occurring disorders requiring ongoing medical & psychiatric treatment
  • Young adults whose home lives have contributed to the addiction or are not stable enough to support sobriety
  • Young people who have been in and out of rehab multiple times & continue to struggle with relapse

Advantages of Long-Term Treatment at Elm Tree Recovery

Learning is integrated throughout every phase of Elm Tree’s long-term treatment program. Here are a few of the ways.

  • Clients learn about the deep roots of their addiction through clinical techniques like EDMR and psychotherapy.
  • They learn to change their attitudes to addiction through cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • They learn to deal with stress, sleeplessness and depression with exercise and techniques like biofeedback and neurofeedback instead of drugs.
  • They develop positive, supportive relationships through active participation in 12-step group meetings and volunteer opportunities.
  • Clients’ health and well-being are reinforced with structured living, drug testing, healthy meals and lessons in self-care.
  • Long-term treatment participants have opportunities to learn a trade, enter college or finish high school with a GED certificate.
  • Young adult clients learn to enjoy life through Elm Tree’s off-site weekend adventures and recreational activities.

If the emphasis on personal growth, learning and structured living at Elm Tree’s long-term treatment center is what you need to achieve lifelong sobriety, call 800.356.7497 to speak with an admissions counselor today. It’s never too soon to change your story, and our credentialed rehab team can help.

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