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Elm Tree Recovery specializes in providing personalized drug addiction treatment services in Tempe, AZ, for young adults in an environment that fosters personal growth and focuses on the future. Our specialized expertise and highly-credentialed staff have earned Elm Tree a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable thought leaders in the addiction recovery field.

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Adam McClean

Elm Tree Recovery Center Executive Director Adam McLean was featured on 3TV/CBS 5 speaking about the center’s approach to teen addiction treatment. “We can really focus on how to help them initiate into their adult life and leave some of their more destructive patterns or behaviors behind them,” McLean says. Elm Tree’s apartment-like living quarters and academic and life skills training help patients feel like they aren’t in a hospital and provides a much-needed sense of community.

7 out of 10 Americans have used drugs at work. Elm Tree Recovery Center Executive Director Adam McLean believes the staggering number of Americans who have used drugs on the job is on the rise because of the opioid epidemic and the desire to increase performance. Reducing that number requires more treatment. “Creating an atmosphere where people actually feel like they’re in a culture often times will help diminish that need to check out with substances,” he says. At Elm Tree, community is key, and patients who enroll in their inpatient program experience continued success.

Neighbors of Elm Tree Recovery Center have been nothing but supportive of its efforts to combat the opioid epidemic plaguing Arizona, and it’s making all the difference. “To people that are concerned about what’s going on their neighborhoods, I would say that . . . people in recovery are some of the best neighbors that you could possibly have because their lives are based around helping others and service,” Executive Director Adam McLean says.

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