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Elm Tree offers a safe place for our students to get their GED, attend college, or trade school.

Among the things that set Elm Tree Recovery apart is our academic integration program. Our Tempe, AZ drug rehab is a safe, future-focused place for students to prepare for their GED, enroll in a university or plan for a vocation. After participating in 90 days of residential treatment, Elm Tree Recovery clients can receive individualized academic support—whether they are first-time students or returning to school after a leave of absence.

Benefits of Academic Integration During Recovery

Elm Tree Recovery is within walking distance to Arizona State University, with close access to Mesa Community College, Rio Salado College and a number of trade schools. We also partner with online schools and GED programs, so our clients have a wealth of academic and vocational choices while living in a secure, structured environment.

Colleges are a minefield of temptation for young people in early sobriety. Participation in Elm Tree’s academic integration program helps recovering students deal with stressors that arise on campus, including:

  • Fraternity & sorority parties
  • Drinking & drug culture
  • Exposure to “study drugs”
  • Substance experimentation by roommates & friends

Elm Tree provides a network of wellness opportunities to keep students clean, sober and accountable for their sobriety. Our credentialed team offers aid, direction and safety as students enroll in classes, develop study habits and begin planning for a future career or trade.

Our TreeHouse Learning Community Partnership

tree house learning communityElm Tree Recovery partners with TreeHouse Learning Community to offer one of the most comprehensive recovery academic programs available. Through the TreeHouse curriculum, students strengthen their recovery in a peer-supported setting while receiving the study tools, guidance and coaching that lead to academic and sobriety success.

Begin a Tempe, AZ Academic Recovery Program

Don’t allow addiction treatment to derail your future. Focused on building sustained sobriety and helping students achieve educational and personal goals, Elm Tree Recovery is one of few academic recovery programs in the the country. To enroll in our therapeutic academic and vocational community or speak with a member of our staff, connect online or call 800.356.7497.

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