Why Pot Addiction Is Real and Rising

August 13, 2018

“I was heartless, emotionless. I was just kind of a blob taking up space. I was baked 24/7,” teenager Quintin Pohl, who became addicted to marijuana in middle school, told

Destigmatizing Mental Health Help in Young Adults

July 18, 2018

In American culture, mental health disorders have typically been taboo subjects because of the stigma associated with them. People who deal with real mental illness may never share about their problems

Illicit Fentanyl: What You Need to Know

July 10, 2018

Deaths from opioids continue to rise in the United States and this continued increase is fueled by the use of synthetic opioids – especially illicit fentanyl. In fact, fentanyl was

Is Fear Getting in the Way of Your Recovery?

June 18, 2018

Fear is normal and even healthy – but it can also stand in the way of your recovery. Fear can prevent you from taking that first courageous step to get

Why You Should Volunteer This Summer

June 6, 2018

With summer nearly upon us, it’s a smart idea to schedule in some time for volunteer work. Making an effort to give back to your community – whether by volunteering

Sober Ways to De-stress This Summer

May 30, 2018

After months of deadlines, projects, papers and tests it’s no wonder that you feel super stressed! But, luckily, the summer is almost here and it’s the perfect time to decompress

Warning Signs of College Burnout

May 9, 2018

Feeling burned out? Mental Health Month, created by Mental Health America (MHA), is the perfect time to slow down and take better care of your mental health. Luckily, there are plenty

Study Examines Link Between Drinking Views and College Drinking Behavior

April 25, 2018

If you or someone you love is among the more than 33% of college students who partake in “heavy episodic drinking,” it may be due to your personal views about

Coping with College Stress

April 11, 2018

For many students, stress and college go hand and hand. In fact, one survey of American college and university students found that 43.3 percent of students claimed to have experienced

The Mental Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

March 30, 2018

Spring cleaning certainly has the obvious benefits of an organized closet, clutter-free desk area and clean space – but perhaps more important is its mental health perks, including improved mood, decreased

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