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Elm Tree Recovery is a 20-bed residential rehab center in Tempe, AZ, where young adults ages 17 to 28 work to gain control of lives that have been co-opted by addiction to drugs or alcohol. Residents live in a structured, abstinence-based environment where they perform the tasks of daily living, eat healthy foods, exercise and participate in group activities and support.

During recovery, clients also undergo assessments that reveal the hidden aspects of addictions requiring clinically sophisticated treatment. Elm Tree’s fully licensed staff of addiction counselors and clinical psychologists guides residents through our 90-day residential program while introducing them to the joys of living in sobriety, teaching them strategies for avoiding relapse, providing necessary clinical therapy, and encouraging them to finish school or obtain occupational training.

Arizona Addiction Program Features

Specialized aspects of the Elm Tree Recovery program include:

Social model detox has shown lasting results for many young adults, and the approach offers a variety of benefits:

  • Dual diagnosis: Addiction in young adults often begins as an attempt to self-medicate the pain and confusion of an underlying problem. Elm Tree provides clinical treatment for these co-occurring disorders: Depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorder, extreme anxiety, panic attacks, behavioral addictions and eating disorders.
  • Trauma recovery: Childhood trauma is often at the root of teen and young adult addiction. EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) is a psychotherapy that can pinpoint and help a patient move past such trauma. Dr. Stacey Smith, our clinical director, is certified in EMDR therapy and other effective trauma treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic life story, neurofeedback and individual psychotherapy.
  • Academic integration: Upon completion of Elm Tree’s 90-day residential rehab program, young adults have the opportunity to pursue occupational and educational goals with continued sobriety support. Our academic integration program allows students to reside in a safe, structured environment and helps them enroll in classes, plan transportation routes, and prepare for the sobriety challenges of college life.
  • Collegiate coaching: Students in rehab who decide to tackle their education goals need specialized help and support. Elm Tree’s collegiate coaching provides a support community for our clients in partnership with Treehouse Learning Community. As part of our structured living, we also host tutored study halls to support academic success.
  • Parent coaching: Elm Tree Recovery coaching services are also available to parents of our young adult clients. Many parents wonder what to expect of rehab, and they have questions about interacting with their young adult child. These parents are paired with a mentor who has experienced the rehab and recovery process with their own child and can share guidance, insights and support.

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