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The admissions team at Elm Tree Recovery is compassionate and understanding.

At Elm Tree Recovery, we aim to make the admissions process seamless and straightforward so you can focus on getting well. First, our experienced, compassionate team evaluates your health history, addiction severity and mental health background. Then, we partner with you and your family to determine whether our Arizona young adult rehab is the best fit for your recovery needs. Once you decide on Elm Tree, our admissions specialists work with your insurance provider to determine coverage, secure authorization and arrange for financing.

When insurance is not an option, Elm Tree Recovery offers self-payment plans tailored to your treatment program and budget constraints. It is our goal to minimize your financial burden and enable you to begin the recovery journey without delay.

Parent Coaching Services

Young adults are not the only ones in crisis during chemical dependency. Parents and siblings are understandably weary and overcome with stress—so choosing a young adult rehab comes at a particularly difficult time. Acting as your advocate, our admissions staff pair you with parent coaches who bring clarity to the chaos. Parent coaching during admissions is designed to help families:

  • Recognize when an intervention is needed
  • Lay the groundwork for sobriety success
  • Release guilt & reconcile self-blame
  • Establish healthy boundaries
  • Develop constructive communication patterns
  • Prepare for the recovery process
  • Decide on an aftercare strategy

Benefits of Elm Tree Recovery

Finding the right addiction treatment center is critical to recovery success. At Elm Tree Recovery, our Tempe, AZ location offers these proven benefits:

  • Comfortable, boutique-style facility that feels like home
  • Diverse range of college & vocational training options
  • Walkability & well-rated public transit system
  • Vibrant arts & culture scene
  • Access to recreation & outdoor activities

Elm Tree Recovery designs its individualized treatment programs around the needs and lifestyle of emerging adults. Here you will find a team that understands your needs—and a community that meets you where you are. To learn more about our Tempe, AZ addiction facility or begin the admissions and insurance verification process, call 800.356.7497 now.

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