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Elm Tree Recovery is a comprehensive addiction treatment center for young adults, ages 17 to 28. Our homelike 20-bed facility in Tempe, AZ, provides structured living and treatment programs designed around an individual’s unique recovery needs. During their initial 90-day rehabilitation program, residents stay in onsite apartments as they learn independent living skills like these:

  • Meal selection & preparation
  • Cleaning & laundry
  • Budgeting
  • Financial planning
  • Time management

During their Elm Tree Recovery stay, clients have access to a full-service gym, healthy meals and nutritional therapy to restore their bodies, which have been weakened by addiction. Our Tempe, AZ, home is an authentic community where young adults begin to understand the root of their addiction, experience the freedom of abstinence, and embrace lifelong recovery. To support our clients, we provide a full range of addiction programs.

Social Model Detox

Detox is the process of clearing all traces of drugs and alcohol from the body before active rehabilitation begins. At Elm Tree, we employ a social detoxification model. Rather than offering detox medications, we educate clients and use holistic therapies to manage substance withdrawal. This approach is not suitable for everyone, so our admissions specialists will help determine if it is right for you.

Young Adult Residential Treatment

The Elm Tree Recovery 90-day residential rehab program utilizes science-based treatment modalities recognized by SAMSHA. For patients who present with a dual diagnosis, our licensed addiction counselors and psychotherapists also provide clinical treatment to assure the best chance for recovery success. Our Arizona rehab program is recognized and accepted by many insurance providers.

Outpatient Treatment

For young adults who need to return to family, school and work obligations after completing their 90-day rehab, Elm Tree offers evening therapy and treatment sessions that lend structure and continued recovery support.


Elm Tree’s aftercare program complements and reinforces the recovery progress made in rehab. Young adults who are not yet ready to return home may choose residency in the safety of sober living. Clients pursuing an education or trade have access to outpatient group therapy and education-based support and coaching. Families of our young adult clients can seek mentorship and support through Elm Tree parent coaching services.

Long-Term Treatment

Extended residency at Elm Tree Recovery is sometimes indicated when a client lacks proficiency in their recovery skills. Elm Tree Recovery offers 120 to 180-day or longer treatment plans to accommodate young adults with dual diagnosis conditions or a history of repeated relapse.

Learn more about Elm Tree Recovery’s treatment programs or enroll yourself or a child today: 800.356.7497.

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