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Staying close to home for addiction treatment seems like the safest, smartest option. You’ll be able to stay in familiar surroundings, see your friends and family, and take limited time away from work or school. The thought of traveling somewhere you’ve never been can feel a little scary as you begin to navigate this new, unfamiliar phase of life.

We know that when a person participates in treatment that is highly individualized to meet their needs, they are more likely to achieve and maintain lasting recovery, but not all treatment centers adhere to such a high level of care. Traveling to a different city or state can be the most effective option for treatment. Maybe your region doesn’t have the kind of treatment you need, or being in such proximity to your triggers threatens your sobriety.

Not everyone can take advantage of traveling for treatment, but those who do find that getting away from an often negative, unsafe environment that isn’t conducive to a healthy lifestyle completely changes their mindset and re-commits them to recovery.

Elm Tree Recovery welcomes clients from the Tempe, AZ, region and throughout the United States, and we’re in-network with most major insurance providers.

Why Travel For Treatment?

It allows you to be more discerning.
There is no one type of approach to treatment that is effective for everyone. For treatment to work, it has to meet your criteria: your addiction, goals, insurance, financial situation, interests, age, spirituality, etc. When you open up your search for addiction treatment centers outside of your immediate location, you’re much more likely to find a program that meets your needs and will help you achieve the outcomes you want.

It provides distance.
Putting physical distance between you and the people, places and things that trigger you reduces your ability and desire to use. Observing your triggers and the way to react to them in an objective way can help you achieve greater mental clarity. Such a safe, distraction-free environment can also keep you engaged and invested in recovery and healing.

It offers privacy.
Some people worry about the social and professional implications of attending treatment and being treated differently for it. If you’re worried about protecting your privacy and reputation, traveling for treatment can be useful.

It keeps you engaged.
For most people, treatment is voluntary, so if you want to leave, you can. However, traveling for treatment requires you to rely more on yourself and have faith in other people. It can be a lot more difficult to walk away from the treatment community after you’ve developed such close, meaningful bonds with staff and peers, especially in a social model treatment environment like Elm Tree.

Addiction Recovery in Tempe, AZ

Living in Tempe allows you to experience the best of both worlds. Located just 20 minutes east of Phoenix, Tempe is a desert oasis that offers all the convenience of being in proximity to a big city without actually living there.

There’s an energetic, youthful vibe to the city, thanks in part to Arizona State University and a handful of other colleges and universities. Tempe is home to sports, shopping and scenery, plus great food, culture and entertainment. The city is extremely walkable and bike-friendly, and there are miles of trails that take you to gorgeous vistas where you can admire sweeping desert views.

About the Elm Tree Recovery Approach

Elm Tree Recovery is a comprehensive residential addiction treatment center for young adults ages 17 to 28 in Tempe, AZ. Our continuum of care, which begins with a 90-day residential treatment program, affords clients the opportunity to participate in highly individualized treatment programs and learn how to live more independently.

As a recovery center that specializes in treating young adults, there are a few key factors that make Elm Tree Recovery stand out:

Academic Integration. Upon completing 90 days of residential treatment, Elm Tree Recovery clients can receive academic support whether they’re first-time students or returning to academia following a leave of absence. We’re located within blocks of Arizona State University, and Mesa Community College, Rio Salado College and a number of trade schools are also nearby.

Dual Diagnosis. We understand the complex relationship between co-occurring mental health disorders and substance abuse. Our expert clinical team provides clients with the psychiatric and medical support necessary to treat the underlying factors that contribute to addiction, such as depression, anxiety and trauma.

Trauma Recovery. We know that trauma is linked to addictive behavior in young adults. Our clinical team is able to pinpoint the core issues of a client’s trauma and addiction and connect them with the traditional and alternative therapeutic modalities that empower them to overcome their challenges.

Aftercare. Elm Tree’s aftercare program is designed to help clients build upon the progress they’ve made in residential rehab. Clients who return to work or school can participate in outpatient group therapy; young adults who are not yet ready to return home can live in a sober living residence as a part of our 120- or 180-day residential treatment programs; and families of clients can participate in our parent coaching services.

Real Recovery Starts Here

Traveling to Tempe for addiction treatment at Elm Tree Recovery gives you the time and space you need to heal. Lasting recovery is possible. If you’re ready to experience a new way of life, call 800.356.7497 to speak with an admissions specialist today.

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